screenwriting can feel like going through the desert alone.

let me keep you company.


I see so many projects flounder because it feels like you have to muscle through yourself. (we’re writers! we must struggle!) Well, I can’t take away all the struggle but I can help you locate the heart of the story and return to objective thinking about your film. Most importantly I want to set you up to be excited about your next draft! Your project deserves it.

I have a masters degree in story. I’ve worked for Disney, Walden Media and Indian Paintbrush reading screenplays and writing coverage. I’ve written award-winning screenplays. Most importantly, professionals and friends have entrusted me to offer them feedback for over a decade.


‘Lena is the Marina Abramovic of script notes’ - Mimi Jeffries writer/director Open Roads

‘Lena’s notes are amazing. Her feedback is thoughtful and specific and I always have a better understanding of the strong and weak points of my script after her assessments. With over a decade of narrative training and experience, I have full faith that notes from Lena are ones I can confidently rely on to put me in the right path for my next draft. - Debra Moore Muñoz, writer Mayans MC

‘When I was in the weeds on my script, Lena is who I turned to to spot the issues I wasn't seeing. In working with her, we were able to make the story work, keep my vision in tact, and make it funnier in the process.’ - Jack Newell
writer/director Monuments


I offer my consulting services at any stage of your process - from outline to screenplay to rough cut of your film!

I offer a ‘sensitivity pass’ service - honest feedback about the diversity in your project and red flags for what you might unintentionally be communicating. No judgement - just perspective!

AND, I offer English grammar revisions for those who need a native speaker to polish their drafts for competitions!

Please email for my current rate sheet and to schedule! Let’s shine bright in 2019!

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