Lena Rudnick is a graduate of Columbia University’s M.F.A. film program and currently resides in the very bright city of Los Angeles. Her passion is telling fantastically real and hysterically dysfunctional relationship stories and investigating her own struggles with self, society and the cosmos. She likes wearing t-shirts in glamorous places and her spirit animal is a Buffalo (though the Shaman’s explanation of why was unconvincing).

Lena's gift is remaining humble despite numerous film accolades and working with such notable organizations as National Sawdust, UNWomen & Bono's ONE Campaign. She’s shot film in Brazil, Prague, Myanmar and India for various non-profits and co-helmed the immersive theatre experience My Sky is Falling with Reboot Stories - tackling how to design story-telling experiences to create social change. Her vision lies squarely in writing and directing movies that make people laugh and cry in the same breathe and further empathy and collective consciousness. She recently participated in Cine Qua Non Lab with her latest feature project, Daddy’s Girl. Ask her how you can be a part of bringing that film to life!