All my FILMS! In one place!  (I know, I can't believe it happened either...)

OLD BAY (19 min) A horror film about becoming your worst nightmare...

CECI IN THE BOUDOIR (6 min) A date takes an unexpected turn - a 'sweet' comedy about our secret kinky. 

DR ROBOTSKY (4 min) A robot therapist helps a married couple reignite their sex life. (Part of a comedy series on bio-ethical issues

SHORTCAKE (11 min) Two kids crash their Dad's hippie wedding. (writer: Berkley Brady)

Love for Sale (aka 'Commissioned Work' )

The "IN SITU SERIES" documents the construction of Brooklyn music venue NATIONAL SAWDUST through performance art...a 3 year project!

The indomitable HELGA DAVIS blesses the bones of the space.

Grammy Nominated THEO BLECKMANN 'dwells in possibility'...

Netsayi and Black Pressure heat up the space on a cold day!

Claudio Prima sneaks up on the new roof for an early morning neighborhood serenade.

Roger Bonhair-Agard, Andy Akiho and Jeffrey Zeigler sing poetry into the walls...

Magos Herrera & Celso Duarte join together with the steal beams...

CORNELIUS DUFALLO's looped tracks reverberate off the brick - offering wonder on a July afternoon... 

HESS IS MORE blasts the still unfinished sound shell of National Sawdust announcing we're SO CLOSE.



a peak inside Mission:Restore training surgeons in Myanmar.

FOUND SOUND NATION & EL PUENTE team up with NATIONAL SAWDUST for a summer street jam.

A music experience for VISION INTO ART sponsored by the U.N.'s HEFORSHE campaign.

EAT OFFBEAT is a catering co. training refugee chefs - they wanted me to make em something fun!

A look at the acoustics of National Sawdust